New MSL Society White Paper: Implications of the Sunshine Act on Medical Science Liaisons and their Companies

Earlier this year, the MSL Society had the privilege of collaborating with the Rutgers University Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program on a new study centering on the recently enacted Physician Payments Sunshine Provision, commonly known in the life sciences industry as the Sunshine Act.

The Sunshine Act, part of sweeping healthcare reform in the United States, details a host of new regulations whereby life sciences companies must provide detailed tracking and reporting to the American public payments made to medical professionals by their commercial and medical affairs divisions.

For the survey, the MSL Society and the Rutgers fellowship program were interested in finding the emerging implications for Medical Science Liaisons as they go about their work in the U. S. pharmaceutical industry.  The purpose of the research was to determine the type and level of impact that the Sunshine act is having and will have on MSL interactions with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and other healthcare providers.

As the study shows, Medical Science Liaisons can provide keen insights on this element of healthcare reform, as they play critical and central roles to industry’s ongoing relationship development with leaders in the medical community. The Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program and the MSL Society are pleased with the response generated from the American MSL community, with a total of 167 MSLs representing 40 companies participating in the study.

Some of the early insights include the fact that 73 percent of MSLs report that their companies have instituted standardized reporting systems for tracking payments to physicians and academic institutes, while half of respondents said that their companies are formalizing their training around the Sunshine Act’s requirements.

We have compiled the survey results, along with particular insights gleaned from the MSLs’ responses, in a 15-page report.  Fresh off the presses, members of the MSL Society can find the report in the resources section of the society’s website at www.themsls.org/whitepapers.

The MSL Society invites its members to discuss the report and its findings at our LinkedIn group, Medical Science Liaison and Medical Affairs Networkers.

Written by MSL Society. Posted in MSL research