The ONLY Peer-Reviewed Journal for Medical Science Liaisons Is Now Available

The Medical Science Liaison Society has officially launched the industry’s first, peer-reviewed journal specifically targeting the professional Medical Science Liaison (MSL).

THE MSL: Journal of the Medical Science Liaison Society is the industry’s premier peer-reviewed publication for the MSL profession.

The journal was created to provide insights and knowledge exchange among the Medical Science Liaison community. The Journal is a multidisciplinary, international journal and invites submissions from authors in all relevant disciplines and settings.

The journal will publish six issues a year and is available in both digital and printed versions. We provided a complimentary print copy of the first issue to all attendees at our recent annual U.S. MSL Society conference. The digital version officially launched today. All members of the MSL Society receive a free digital subscription.

We are very excited to bring this resource to the global MSL community!

Thanks to all the authors that contributed great articles to our first issue:

Dr. Hudson Garrett

Vice President, Clinical Affairs and Medical Affairs

PDI Inc.

Dr. Alexander Tolmachev

Senior Manager, Medical and Regulatory Projects

Takeda, Russia

Dr. Jennifer Williams

Director of TTM Education and MSL Services

Bard Medical

Dr. Eric Zhao

Regional Medical Liaison, Oncology

Amgen Inc.

Thanks also to our first advertisers for their support as well:

Thought Leader Select

Veeva Systems


The second issue will be published next month. To read the first issue or learn about subscriptions see themsljournal.com

Want to get involved or publish?

To submit an article for consideration, please visit www.themsljournal.com and submit the manuscript through the online portal for peer review and consideration by the Editor. The Journal is also looking for peer reviewers, so if you are interested in applying as a reviewer, please email Dr. Hudson Garrett, Editor-In-Chief at hudson.garrett@themsls.org.


Medical Science Liaison Job Satisfaction & Best Company to Work For


Best Company To Work ForThe Medical Science Liaison Society is conducting the first MSL Job Satisfaction & Best Company to Work For Survey. We are conducting this to gain insights into current MSL Job Satisfaction and identify the BEST companies to work for according to current MSLs across pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and other healthcare companies. We will be creating a full report of the results, which we will publish in the fall of 2015.



This Survey is ONLY open to current MSLs (or equivalent title) and MSL management!

Take the survey: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2213982/MSLJobSatisfaction


Questions you may have:

Why Should I Participate in This Survey?

Participants who complete the survey will help build an understanding of MSL job satisfaction based on numerous important factors. We will share the results with the global MSL community. 

Will I Receive the Results of This Survey?

Yes, if you provide your name and e-mail address at the end of the survey, we will e-mail you the results of the survey when the report is published in the fall of 2015. 

Are My Responses Kept Confidential?

Yes, your survey responses will be kept strictly confidential; all data is blinded and aggregated to maintain confidentiality.

Will the MSL Society Share the Results?

Yes, everyone who participates and shares their contact details as well as all members of the MSL Society will receive the full report. In addition, ALL attendees at the upcoming annual MSL Society Conference being hosted by Genzyme in Boston, September 29-October 1st will receive a copy as well.

This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. All questions are required.

On behalf of the MSL Society, we thank you in advance for your participation and look forward to sharing the results soon!

Take the survey now: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2213982/MSLJobSatisfaction


About the MSL Society: 

The Medical Science Liaison Society is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and is the ONLY organization exclusively dedicated to the global MSL profession. The society helps MSLs become more effective in their careers through education and networking activities. The organization provides resources for professional growth and development opportunities by creating original research reports, hosting the only career center for MSLs, and providing digital and live MSL training programs, which have been conducted in multiple countries. In addition, the MSL Society has consulted with numerous companies on successfully launching MSL teams, ongoing MSL training, and effective MSL-KOL engagement, among other projects.


Featured Interview – Boston Conference 2015 !

Elizabeth KupfererDr. Elizabeth Kupferer is a senior level Medical Affairs professional with over 13 years of experience within Pharmaceutical Industry as a Senior Medical Science Liaison (MSL), MSL Director and Senior Director of Medical Affairs. In her current role at Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals – Women’s Health Care, she serves as a Senior MSL, MSL field trainer and mentor.

Dr. Kupferer will conduct workshop on MSL 101 at MSL Society Annual Conference 2015 in Boston. MSL Society Interviewed Dr. Kupferer. Here is an excerpt from that Interview:

MSLS: What prompted you to create this workshop? 

EK: I have been associated with the MSL role for over 13 years and I absolutely love it. I am often an informal mentor for many individuals seeking to become an MSL. For an outsider the role seems daunting and unclear, so being able to shine some light on this career opportunity is extremely rewarding.

MSLS: What prompted you to become an MSL?

EK: I learned of the role through a recruiter. I was being engaged because of my clinical expertise and educational background, yet had no knowledge of the MSL role at all. This is one of the reasons I’m very passionate about sharing my early experiences adapting to an industry career.

MSLS: What are some of the biggest hurdles for a new MSL?

EK: I believe the biggest hurdles are understanding the MSL role. Different companies’ MSL teams of course have many commonalities but there are differences based on type of product and industry (pharma, device, diagnostic). In addition there are a host of regulatory and industry processes to learn.  In addition many new MSLs feel woefully inadequate approaching and engaging thought leaders.  Lastly, individuals with vast clinical experience must quickly gain valuable business acumen.

MSLS: Why are you presenting at the MSL Society?

EK: I am on the Global Advisory Committee of the MSL Society and I have been actively involved with the MSL society since its inception. I value the support and resources that it provides to the profession. I have seen numerous individuals find jobs in the industry that have reached out to the society for support. I find the live meetings extremely valuable to all levels of members. The networking is incredible.



Free Webinar ‘Optimizing MSL Impact on KOL Relationships’

MSL Society WebinarsThe Medical Science Liaison role has exploded in growth over the last several years and as the healthcare industry continues to change, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and CRO companies are increasingly relying on the MSL to improve and strengthen KOL relationships.

As a result of these changes taking place in the healthcare industry, the challenge is to develop more effective strategies for KOL engagement. Some companies have developed very innovative approaches for their MSL team to engage with KOLs.

To learn how these companies are achieving success with their unusual approach to KOL relationships, join us during MSL Society next FREE Live webinar on Thursday, May 28th at 10 am (PDT), 1:00 pm (EDT), 6 pm London (BST), 7 pm Paris (CEST), and 8 pm Moscow (MSK).

Our distinguished panelists and presentations include:

Title: MSL Best Practices from China: Assessing the Impact of Medical Education Activities on KOLS & Other HCPs
Avery Ince, MD, PhD
VP of Medical Affairs
Janssen Pharmaceuticals, China

Title: MSLs – The Double Doctorate Role. One in Science and One in Communication
Global Head Immunology Medical Affairs
Baxter, USA

Title: KOL Access
Ruth Haile-Meskale, PharmD, MBA
Medical Science Liaison
ZS Pharma, USA

You can register for free here.